Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Trailer For Stephenie Meyer’s THE HOST. Ummm…

The first meaty trailer for Stephenie Meyer’s THE HOST is out and the science fiction romance vibe is super strong. Check it out:

The tone of the trailer is in line with what TGE guest contributor Agent Z said about the book when she profiled it here back in 2008:

Without giving away too much of the ending I have to say that yes, this novel most definitely meets this definition [of SFR]. The entire plot is driven by the refusal of one woman to give up on love. The earlier scenes, as Melanie introduces Wanderer to the nature of her love for Jared, and her desperate longing for him, are among the best in the novel. In the end, the future of Earth and the survival of humanity come down to one thing–love.

And now an adaptation of the book is poised to hit theaters, which is great. However--and I feel bad for saying this--I was distinctly underwhelmed by the trailer. Wahh. Underwhelmed.

Some of the CGI effects look cheap, as if the production companies behind it didn’t quite have the budget for a more sophisticated production. Also, the editing choices as well as the narration script made the whole presentation seem awfully simplistic. Kind of bland, really. I didn't get a clear picture about the sheer scope of the alien invasion. This trailer makes THE HOST seem more like a TNT movie rather than a feature film.

Given Stephenie Meyer’s brand, I was expecting something with more punch. I feel that the trailer for THE HOST is very paint-by-numbers. I sure hope the film doesn’t travel down that same path. This type of invasion story isn’t new, so the pressure is on to give the familiar trope a new, compelling twist.

I’m glad THE HOST was made into a film and I'm sure it will be profitable, but I'm not sure about its power to increase the reach of science fiction romance in general. Perhaps I’m better off just reading the book. What are your thoughts about the trailer?

Joyfully yours,