Friday, December 14, 2012

PJ Schnyder’s Most Excellent Holiday News: “A Gift For Boggle”

Author PJ Schnyder is always up to something interesting. One of her current endeavors is Mangos & White Rice. In a nutshell, it’s “Asian Girl, White Guy, Crazy Podcasting!”

In Episode 5—“1st Time is Special!” the author announced a super cool project that catapulted me to cloud nine.

Here are a few hints: HUNTING KAT, Boggle, and this post about my challenge to PJ Schnyder.

Okay, go ahead and listen to the podcast.

Did you hear the news? OMG isn’t it just totally righteous?! Boggle got his own science fiction romance! 

“A Gift For Boggle” is set in the same universe as HUNTING KAT. It’s ideal if you read HUNTING KAT first (and I strongly recommend you do in order to experience the complete Boggle magic); however in a pinch you could read this as a standalone.

And guess what? I read “A Gift For Boggle” and It. Is. Brilliant. It’s exactly the type of approach I’d hoped for with Boggle and the author packs a lot into such a short story. And here’s a bit of a tag: gamers should totally check this story out.

The heat level is steamy—foreshadowing alert!—and I’m so grateful Ms. Schnyder didn’t hold back just because Boggle is heavset and physically disabled. Science fiction romance is the perfect subgenre to explore heroes like him. This story has already spoiled me rotten.

Thank you, PJ Schnyder! I am so grateful for your art.

There are many elements I love about "A Gift For Boggle" but I’m not going to risk any spoilers with all my fangirl squeeing. Luckily, you can read it, too! Click here for PJ Schnyder’s announcement and to access the story for FREE. (By the way, her post is part of the “Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop.”)

After you’ve read it, come back and tell me what you think!

Joyfully yours,