Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Valentine’s Day Free Ebook Special From Eva Caye

Author Eva Caye (To Be Sinclair series) is running a free ebook special from February 12-14 in honor of Valentine's Day. Here are the details courtesy of the author:

[edited 2/12 for cover switch]

We all need more love in our lives!  Celebrate Valentine's Day with an anthology of four free 'Easter eggs' by Eva Caye!

"The Imperial Family in my To Be Sinclair series is co-led by a scientist whose mother gives her a 'sexology' textbook called The Pleasure Centers of the Body when she gets betrothed.  As a result, I do not resort to 'purple prose' because SHE would not, and since she educates her children the same way, they would not, either!  These short stories have their own themes, and the sex is never gratuitous, nor is it the focus of the story.  Since so many people have raved to me how much they love them and how they perfectly complement their novels, I bowed to their opinions and put together this anthology.

My Easter eggs have scenes that are more erotic than I usually put in my science fiction romance novels; by this I mean I mention a few body parts.  Nevertheless, they are character studies or points of view I did not have a chance to explore in the regular novel.  I originally added them as free, unpublicized stories to my novels simply to show my appreciation to readers who purchased the book.  I also included a 'warning' page for those who prefer not to look behind the closed doors!  I hope you enjoy them!

Get your FREE copy of EASTER EGGS! here.

Happy Reading!