Thursday, February 28, 2013

Guest Blogging At Pippa Jay's Site

Author Pippa Jay (TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY) launched a new feature called "Cover Love Thursday." Each week she'll feature different guests describing their favorite science fiction romance covers. Here's the 411:
Cover Love Thursday. This is a trial 'pay it back' type of promotion. You can choose up to five of your favourite sfr covers by other authors (although I will accept anything in speculative and/or romance if you prefer) with a short paragraph of why you like them, or why they caught your eye/tempted you to buy. 
Fun idea and as soon as she announced the new feature I came up with my list! I invite you to check it out. (Thanks in advance for ignoring my atrocious math skills. Pippa clearly asked for five covers and I gave her six. Back to school for me!)

Joyfully yours,