Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vampires In Space Revisited

My latest Heroes & Heartbreakers post revisits the topic of vampires in space (which I blogged about previously here). Since my last post, I notched my SFR belt with the first two ebooks from Tina Christopher's Celestial Surrender series and tagged them a bit since both feature a vampire hero with alien origins. The author clearly wants to give readers a sizzling erotic adventure, and therefore I couldn't help but wonder why vampires in space are still such a rare breed.

Here's the cover and blurb from Tina Christopher's TANGLED SHADOWS:

After losing not only her ship but also three days of her memory in a freak explosion, Space Captain Brooke Deverell wants only to forget her troubles for one amazing night and fulfill her wildest fantasy.

She gets that and more from Vampire Nikolai and ArchNaema Galen. The men have long been lovers and welcome her into their world of extraordinary sensuality. For one blissful night, Brooke believes she’s found her soul mates—but her happiness is short lived when she realizes she’s actually been kidnapped. The men hunted her down under the assumption she sold her crew and human cargo to Feral Vampires as blood slaves.

After realizing her amnesia is real and of a paranormal nature, they find themselves at an impasse. To prevent a galaxy-wide war they must work together. The three discover their sensual partnership can heal her mind. But for a complete and successful union, Brooke has to decide if she can forgive the initial deception and open her heart to the two men who stir her blood.


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