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Multi-Audiobook Giveaway: Pauline Baird Jones' Project Enterprise Series

Get set to enter for a chance to win a science fiction romance audiobook! Pauline Baird Jones is aboard to give away audiobook versions of five titles from her Project Enterprise series.
The least you need to know about it:

* romantic SF
* space opera
* military SF
* time travel
* heat level is on the "sweet" side
* steampunk elements in some of the books (with automatons!)
* smart heroines
* alien artifacts

Using a random drawing, I'll pick two separate winners per book. The author will provide each winner with a code, which will be redeemable at For future reference, here are the instructions:

2. Enter the download code into the "Redeem Your Promotional Code" field and click "Redeem". 
3. If you’re not an Audible customer you’ll need to create a new account. Don’t worry, you can use your Amazon account to do this.
4. Follow the instructions. You’ll have 1 credit applied to your account.
5. Go to the book’s listing [insert link here]
6. Add it to your cart. When you check out you’ll see an option to apply the free credit.

To enter, simply leave a comment for this post. Tell me which person you'd most like to visit who can only be reached using time travel!

The deadline to enter is midnight PST on Friday, July 19, 2013.

Now for the audiobooks up for grabs:


Doc-Delilah Oliver Clementyne's orders are simple: do the impossible and do it yesterday. A genius/bad ass, she does the impossible on a regular basis. But this time the impossible is complicated by an imminent war between the Earth expedition to the Garradian Galaxy and the Gadi, an encounter with some wife-hunting aliens, and not one but two bands of time travelers. The only way it could get worse? If the heart she didn't know she had starts beating for the wrong guy...


Colonel Carey (from The Key and Girl Gone Nova) takes a test "flight" through the Garradian time-space portal, but an unexpected impact lands him somewhere and some when. As he attempts to get to Area 51, he crosses paths with Miss Olivia Carstairs, who could be Mary Poppins' twin sister. Or maybe her cousin. Olivia's got a transmogrification machine powered by steam and a mouth he'd like to kiss like it was his job. Can he convince her to join forces before she shoots him with her derringer?


With all of time at risk, it's a bad time to fall in love...unless it's the only time...

Robert Clementyne is going on a transmogrification machine hunt. He fears finding the machine will be as difficult as pronouncing the name. How can the steam-powered device perform as advertised, and how useful can any information be, coming from a steampunk themed bowling alley/museum? It's pretty crazy, but he's been there, done that, and thinks he can handle it. And then he meets the proprietor/curator...

Emily Babcock. Emily grew up in crazy, still lives in it-hey, it's her freaking zip code. So no worries when Robert and his team walk into her bowling alley. The first visitors ever to her museum.

But neither of them is prepared for what happens when they open the door to the past...and the future. With a side trip through Roswell...and a face-to-face meeting with an evil genius/wannabe-who is on his way to becoming evil overlord-of-everything...


When you save Time’s tush—or its version of one—it ought to cut you a break, not kick your tush some where and some when. Though boo yah on providing a hot guy in leather to pull that tush out of the impact crater that Ashe so did not make despite the somewhat damning evidence to the contrary.

So, the sitrep:

She's stuck on primitive planet.

Time Tracker suit down.

Lurch (her nanite) unable to connect to any tech (see primitive above).

Surrounded by a bunch of buccaneer types who haven’t been around nubile, young women cause its against their law.

The one guy (Vidor Shan) she’d like to kiss on the mouth is off limits (time rule).

Someone gunning for Shan from somewhere in time.

And, oh yeah, some really strange meteorites are making landfall in some very strange ways.

Seems Time has a new hobby: kicking Ashe (and shame on It for doing it when she’s down).

Not that she plans to stay down. Or give up the guy.


Men in Jeans: Richard Daniels thinks life can't any stranger working at Area 51until he gets assigned to find out where a Houston area SF writer gets the ideas for her books. Should be an easy assignment—if it weren't for the dead guy in her back yard and the non-business related ideas she's giving him.

Steam Time: The man formerly known as Tobias Smith hadn’t planned to ride along with Dr. Everly and his Medicine Show. Grifters gave him a pain their elixirs couldn’t heal. But he was headed to Marfa, too. And Everly’s son turned out to be a really a fine looking damsel—one in distress when the ghost lights of Marfa bump them into an alternate reality complete with an automaton gang and airships. Could he be the good guy? Be the hero, save the day and get the girl?

Both stories are linked to the Project Enterprise Series that includes: THE KEY, GIRL GONE NOVA, TANGLED IN TIME, and STEAMROLLED.

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