Wednesday, December 4, 2013

SFR Quickie: S.E. Gilchrist's STORM OF FIRE

If there's one thing that shouldn't be kept a secret, it's a science fiction romance. tee hee!

With that thought in mind, may I present the cover and blurb for S.E. Gilchrist's new erotic post-apocalyptic novella STORM OF FIRE:

Storm of Fire is an erotic novella set in the same post-apocalyptic world as Paying the Forfeit, where two tribes must join together to survive a common foe - the Half-dead. 

Ordered to protect a Freeber male, Lycanean Wren, is not impressed with her first sight of the gentle scholar. He looks as if he'd never held a weapon in his life. 

Besides she has made a vow to never join with another. For how can she, when her warrior mate, Larid, may still be alive? 

Trapped together in a Half-dead barrow, Wren and the Freeber, Tobias, discover more than the unruly lust that storms to life between them. 

Their enemy has invented a form of Greek fire and the cache must be destroyed before their tribes are wiped out.
But a partially transformed Half-dead stands in their way...Larid.

STORM OF FIRE is an indie release you can purchase from Smashwords or Amazon.

Joyfully yours,