Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cover & Blurb For Ariel MacArran's STARDANCER

I heard from a Galaxy Express passenger that Ariel MacArran's STARDANCER, a space opera sci-fi romance, features the captivity and master/slave trope, but without the hyper-sexualized BDSM elements (or at least a much toned down version). I've not read it, but thought I'd bring the title to your attention. Here's the cover and blurb:

Kinara crosses into Az-kye space seeking revenge but her act of vengeance goes horribly wrong when her ship is captured. Defeated and enslaved Kinara offers herself to Aidar, the Az-kye commander, in exchange for her crew's protection. But this warrior wants much more than just her submission, he wants her to give herself completely . . .
If you've read STARDANCER, what spoiler-free tags can you supply?

Joyfully yours,