Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Triple Action Guest Blogging: Gamebooks, Steampunk, & Women in SF&F

When it rains, it pours. That's true not only of the weather outside my window, but also three guest posts of mine that all went live today!

Sci-Fi Romance: A New Kind of Hero

At Fantasy Book Cafe, I'm a participant in this year's Women in SF&F month! I'd enjoyed the posts of that event in years past and was delighted when hostess Kristen invited me to contribute an article.

The topic is my love of science fiction romance and how the "...genre has rewritten the hero narrative in order to give female characters leading roles as well as explore love and sex in a science fictional setting."

I presented a number of titles I've enjoyed, and the selection also serves to highlight the sheer variety available in this genre.

Interactive Stories: Past, Present, and Future

Author Ella Drake (DESERT BLADE) kindly provided me with some time at the CONTACT - Infinite Futures podium to blog about gamebooks, a.k.a. "choose your own adventure" type stories.

Given the release of my own interactive science fiction romance DANGEROUS RENDEZVOUS (SilkWords), it was a fun chance to delve into the history of interactive stories as well as contemplate how they might evolve in the future.

The Important Contribution of Finnegan H.H. O'Riordan's Sky Pirate: Safe Harbor

My Coffee Time Romance steampunk romance column this month focuses on a charming story called SKY PIRATES: SAFE HARBOR by Finnegan H.H. O'Riordan. The tale includes airships, automaton action, and steampunk inventions, but also a rare level of diversity in steampunk romance. For that contribution, it deserves a commendation.


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