Thursday, May 29, 2014

My SFR Snapshot

I'd like to share a snapshot of a few of my recent sci-fi romance activities. And away we go…

I sampled G.S. Jennsen's STARSHINE (Aurora Rising #1). Plot tags include space opera, thriller, mystery, action-adventure, and political intrigue. Heroine is a pilot and the sample hinted at a coming-of-age thread for her. From what I've read, this series will appeal to readers who enjoy hard SF elements and romantic SF (especially since the romance doesn't kick in at the same time as the external plot).

You can read the prologue and first chapter excerpt at the author's site.

A Galaxy Express passenger informed me that Ariel MacArran's STARDANCER features the captivity and kidnapping trope, but without potentially triggering content. I've read about half the book and while the heroine makes life-altering decisions under significant duress, the story so far doesn't enter dub-con or non-con territory.

The romance features a battle-of-the-sexes trope between a starship captain heroine (with red hair, natch) and a Conan the Barbarian type warrior from another planet. The story also explores the concept of navigating cultural differences within the context of an intimate relationship. The style and tone harks back to futuristic romances of the 1990s and will probably hold the strongest appeal for romance readers.

Also, the author has another book in the same universe listed in her Coming Soon page: THE CONSORT.
I first reported on the Korean drama MY LOVE FROM ANOTHER STAR back in April. Since then, I've been slowly making my way through this 21 episode series for free via Drama Fever.

Let me tell you, it's been really hard not to glom this addictive show all in one sitting. This is my first kdrama, so I'm not sure if the romance will have an HEA. That, and the story isn't making any solid promises either (which is actually adding a dash of delicious suspense!).

Either way, I'm going to blog about MY LOVE FROM ANOTHER STAR because while much of it is derivative romance and SF, the combination of the two genres with the soap opera format, larger than life characters, and a Korean setting are blowing my mind. (Watching it on Drama Fever can be a drag, though, given the commercials and occasional glitches. I should have watched it on Roku from the beginning).
If you enjoy novella-length erotic sci-fi romance, mad scientists, superhero romances, heroes of color, doctor heroines, superhuman transformations, the tame-the-hero-trope, forbidden doctor-patient relationships, and don't mind fictional professionals crossing some serious ethical lines (but all in the name of fun, eh?) then Tatiana Caldwell's WAY OUT OF CONTROL might be up your alley! You can download a free PDF excerpt at the author's site.

I've had FIREFLY on the brain lately, so here's a short list of FIREFLY-esque science fiction romances (based on both my own reading and what I've heard):

FORTUNE'S PAWN - Rachel Bach 
(Read the author's Women in SF&F post Love and the Science Fiction Action Heroine at Fantasy Cafe.)

ASCENSION - Jacqueline Koyanagi 
(I tagged this book here.) 

IN THE BLACK - Sheryl Nantus 
(The author blogged about her book at CONTACT - Infinite Futures.)

THIEF - Anitra Lynn McLeod 
(I tagged this book here.)

FORTUNE'S HERO - Jenna Bennett 

THE SYSTEM - Heather Lin 
(Author interview here.)
GRIMSPACE - Ann Aguirre 
(Tags & info in the author's Supernova feature.)

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Tell me about some of your recent sci-fi romance adventures!

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