Thursday, May 1, 2014

SFR Brigade Bounty at the 2014 Brenda Novak Online Auction For Diabetes Research

Courtesy of the SFR Brigade, you can bid on a fabulous selection of sci-fi romance goodies (including a few books by yours truly) as part of the Brenda Novak Online Auction for Diabetes Research:
This year, the SFR Brigade is throwing their creative forces behind the Brenda Novak Online Auction for Diabetes Research by sponsoring a category of science fiction and space exploration related bounty.

The bidding fun begins this Thursday, May 1st, and runs through the entire month of May for most items, with special one-day offerings and big-ticket item drawings happening as part of the main auction.
Full details at Spacefreighters Lounge.

Happy bidding!

Joyfully yours,