Monday, November 24, 2014

RAVEN TAKES A PEARL: A Steampunk Erotic Romance by Sharon Lynn Fisher

If you're in the mood for some sexy steampunk fun, check out the cover and blurb for Sharon Lynn Fisher's RAVEN TAKES A PEARL. The author was kind enough to provide a few additional tags so we could learn a bit more about the story.

Second novelette in the Fantasies in Color series by RWA RITA-nominated author Sharon Lynn Fisher ... 

Pearl knows it was Raven who stole her mama's heart -- a beautiful quartz stone given to her by Pearl's father right before he died. She sets off alone to the crow-man's keep determined to bring back the stone, but she's caught by a servant and taken to the tower. The dark-winged ruler of the keep isn't at all what she imagined, and he isn't about to let Pearl go before unlocking all her mysteries -- mysteries she never dreamed her body possessed.



Setting: Small steampunk town in the southeastern U.S. This story is sort of a dark sister to a sweet steampunk romance I wrote for SilkWords earlier this year: A HEART FOR COPPER. The stories are set in the same world (though not the same location), and both have an inventor for a hero. In both, the heroine experiences an awakening. 

Kink quotient: BDSM erotica

Sample of the steampunk/clockwork tech featured in the story: The intense Master Raven is part man, part machinery. Here's a description from the story: 

He’s both more and less than what I imagined. Less of a monster … yet my heart races. The chill bumps rise along my bare arms and prick the back of my neck. The dark wings have their effect, tips brushing the floor while the upper joints rise up even with his head. The satiny feathers look real to me, but I can see that the frame supporting them and binding them to his body is not of bone, but metal. From the neck up he could be any man. His face is framed by wavy hair the same color as my own, and at his crown rests some sort of eyepiece — a small magnifying scope whose services are apparently not required for greeting visitors. His marble white flesh looks smooth to the touch, but sinuous muscles work just below the surface. His bare chest is crossed by a complicated pattern of black leather straps connected by metal buckles, perhaps a system for supporting the enormous wings. Over the spot where his heart would be, two straps join at an angle, and the disk at the joint is a clock.

HFN or HEA?: There is no marriage at the end, but Pearl and Poe (Master Raven) are definitely soul mates. 

Type of romance: Enemies turned lovers.

Tone: Dark and sassy.

To learn more about RAVEN TAKES A PERAL, including a free excerpt, visit Fantasies In Color.

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