Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cosmic Laughs & Love: A Space Himbo Saved My Life by Lucy Woodhull

I grew up geeking out.  My dad is a huge fan of Star Trek (the original, thank you--he does not truck with with the British guy playing the Frenchman). Personally, for me, Jean-Luc Picard can get it forever.  So it was natural for me to write a fun sci-fi romance featuring a hot alien man and the badass lady who reluctantly falls for him. Thus, my book Ragnar and Juliet was born.

In true me fashion, I took the Kirk/Alien Babe dynamic and flipped the genders. Juliet is a bounty hunter who bops from space himbo to space himbo, never interested in settling down, always up for a unique tentacle or two. Ragnar is much more grounded, family-focused--he's a trader who runs afoul of the galaxy's worst despot, King Bob the Nefarious of New Los Angeles. Ragnar saves one of the king's sex slaves from his slimy clutches (I told you he was a swell guy!). When Bob puts a bounty on Ragnar in retaliation, Juliet finds the fellow lickety-split...but she never thought she'd fall for this sweet yet sassy with the tail. Now they're both on the run from King Bob, and Juliet finds herself determined to save the rest of Bob's enslaved concubines; Ragnar is rubbing off on her in more ways than one. (See, that's the kind of quality sex joke you get from me.)

I wanted to create a sexy, fast-paced, feminist space romance, and I feel so proud of this, my first book to be published. The day that acceptance email came was one of my proudest! It's a helluva thing when one of your dreams comes true.

The sequel came about a year later (Ragnar and Juliet 2: Concubine Boogaloo). A few months ago, I got the rights to both books back from my publisher, and I combined them into one mega-awesome-hilarious-explosion-space-battle-smexy-palooza for only $.99! Heather at The Galaxy Express has been so supportive from the very beginning, and I feel so grateful that she's invited me back to the blog to tell you about the re-release.

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Live long and prosper, friends!

Love, Lucy