Thursday, May 21, 2015

New Heroes & Heartbreakers Post: Breeder Themed Sci-Fi Romances

At Heroes & Heartbreakers, I delved into the intense topic of erotic sci-fi romances that feature breeding as part of the story. Trigger warnings for references to rape and non-consensual sexual acts in SF erotica and erotic sci-fi romance.

For a much gentler alternative, check out an interview with OVERLOAD FLUX author Carol Van Natta at Smart Girls Love SciFi & Paranormal romance. This book is for readers who enjoy complex worldbuilding, mystery, corporate crime elements, police procedurals, tortured heroes and heroines, and a mild heat level in their sci-fi romance.

RK: What drew you to SF/SFR as a genre?

CAROL: The science fiction part is easy – I’ve been reading it since I was nine, when my parents figured to shut me up one summer by handing me science fiction to read. The joke was on them, though, because instead of complaining that I had nothing to read, I started complaining that I had no science fiction to read. Romance came a little later, when my high school friends and I were sharing books. I love the endless possibilities of science fiction, and the humanity of romance.
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