Thursday, May 14, 2015

Question For Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly Readers

Do you read Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly? If so, we—editors KS Augustin, Diane Dooley, and I—would like your input on something.

In the interest of helping you connect with your preferred types of science fiction romances, we're considering adding another tag to the book descriptions in the New Releases section.

Currently, we share the book's length, price, and publisher. We could also add another distinguishing tag, namely, terms that indicate the romance-SF ratio.

For example, "erotic" could refer to erotic sci-fi romances, specifically books where the couple's sexual journey drives all or most of the plot.

"Romantic SF" could tag books where the romance is a subplot, but has an upbeat ending.
"SFR" could describe books that are more of a balanced mix and/or heavier on the romance than the SF (and regardless of heat level since that alone isn't always an indication of the romance-SF ratio).

Any term used could only be an approximate description since ultimately taste is subjective. 
Additionally, the tags would be provided by authors/publishers. 

"Erotic", "Romantic SF", and "SFR" were the first terms we brainstormed. Would those be helpful to you? Tell us what you think, or you can propose identical tag ideas. We appreciate your feedback!

Joyfully yours,