Friday, July 17, 2015

New Sci-Fi Romance Alert: LUMINOUS by A.E. Ash

Book Smugglers Publishing alerted me about a sci-fi romance short they're releasing: LUMINOUS by A.E. Ash. I'm going to share the blurb straightaway since it features an intriguing couple:

Cover art by Yasmin Khudari
Entry number 3333. Vanguard Station Reckoning. All systems stable. Nothing new to report.

It’s been nine years since the war started; nine years since she has received acknowledgement or contact from anyone. Marooned alone on proto-colony planet Hestia, aging xeno-geologist Jyothi Agarwal still continues her routine transmissions in the hopes that someone, somewhere, is listening.

Then one day, out of nowhere, a brilliant light illuminates Hestia and something falls from the sky.

In the west, he wakes up in pain and alone. There is light everywhere. A new sense of weight. A broken body. Words. Knowing. And he realizes that against all odds, he is inexplicably alive.

On a planet far removed from everything, the last human and a fallen star find companionship in each other–and perhaps something more. Something beautiful, shining, lasting. Something luminous.

And there you have it—a hero who is literally a star! Most fitting for an SFR. Even better, the Book Smugglers informed me the heroine is in her sixties and a woman of color. Yay!

LUMINOUS officially releases July 21, 2015, but it's available now on Amazon. Learn more in the The Book Smugglers' announcement post.

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