Sunday, December 6, 2015

A New Direction For The Galaxy Express & Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly

After almost eight years of blogging, it’s time for a new direction here at The Galaxy Express. It’s time to shake things up and explore other ways of sharing my love of science fiction romance!

Given the existence of Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly and the overlapping work I’ve been doing for both the magazine and TGE, I approached my colleagues KS Augustin and Diane Dooley with the idea of merging TGE and SFRQ. Subsequently, we created Galaxy Express 2.0. This way, we can more efficiently streamline our efforts, which remain focused on delivering the best SFR gateway we can for readers.

Additionally, KS Augustin and Diane Dooley will join me as co-bloggers! Many of the posts, especially mine, will continue to focus on SFR, while others will explore a variety of topics. It’ll be a fun way to freshen things up!

Never fear, the original TGE will remain here, with periodic links to the new blog as posts appear. Keeping this blog live means we can all continue to use this site for the extensive information it contains.

Most book release news previously covered by TGE will now be channeled through Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly. I coordinate that content, so continue to send me information about your forthcoming books!

Three posts per month will appear at Galaxy Express 2.0 on the following dates:

10th – KS Augustin
20th – Diane Dooley
30th – Heather Massey (that’s me!)

I anticipate contributing additional SFR-themed posts as the mood strikes and to feature news as time allows.

I'll continue to use Twitter to share my adventures in sci-fi romance, so look for me there as well: @thgalaxyexpress.

As you can tell, this isn’t goodbye; rather, it’s an invitation to continue the adventure at Galaxy Express 2.0. See you there!

Joyfully yours,