Sunday, July 27, 2008

Myriad Miscellaneous Musings & Minutiae

Since I had to dock the Galaxy Express at Icarus Base for some minor repairs, I told Chef we’d need a yummy spread so we could also catch up on SFR events around the Milky Way. I see a few large bowls of mixed green salad with walnuts, cranberries, and goat cheese as well as chunks of fresh baked yeast rolls. Help yourself, and let’s see what’s unfolding, shall we?

First off, congratulations, Ameliar! You’ve won an ARC of Rowena Cherry’s KNIGHT’S FORK.

And another hearty hurrah for Tam—you’ve won a copy of Ms. Cherry’s INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL!

Winners, please email your addresses to sfrgalaxy “at”

Thanks so much for all the fab comments last week, and I just can’t thank Rowena Cherry enough for her generosity and participation. Onward and upward...!

I started “The Official Science Fiction Romance Thread” at last week. I’m meeting a host of groovy SFR fans, some of whom have hopped aboard The Galaxy Express.

Welcome all to the LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY SKIFFY ROMMERS! (Ah, I slayeth myself at times.)

Please join me there (registration is required to participate) and dig into some hearty discussions. Now, in addition to Shelfari, we have another peachy outpost in which we can share the SFR love.

In book release news, Kimber An of Enduring Romance is hosting a Cyber-Launch Book Party for Linnea Sinclair’s SHADES OF DARK. Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 7.

Additionally, in August I’ll be featuring Ms. Sinclair and her work *and* giving away a copy of SHADES OF DARK. Date to be announced.

As you may no doubt have already heard, the romance community is gearing up for the Romance Writer’s of America annual conference. You can read up-to-date reports via the thread at Dear Author or Our own Lisa Paitz Spindler is kickin’ it out west in sunny San Francisco, so we hope you have fun, Lisa! (Keep in mind we’re eagerly waiting to hear about any SFR publishing news, natch!)

The ladies at Smart Bitches demonstrated just how hip & smart they are with a link to a slideshow lecture by Robert J. Sawyer. He discusses the origins & social relevance of science fiction. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Over at Adventures in SciFic Publishing, you can listen to an interview with Lois McMaster Bujold. At one point, she discusses the challenges of blending SF and Romance. (Thanks to mftz of Flying Whale Productions for the link.)

In the latest post at Redlines and Deadlines, Publisher Raelene Gorlinsky of Ellora’s Cave asks, “Do E-Authors Make Money?" She discusses e-author profits (or the lack thereof, as the case may be). Read it to see what she says about science fiction e-books in particular. Could SFR be just around the corner? (Thanks to Laurie at The Toasted Scimitar for the link.)

And finally, check out this fun post at Cinemaroll (thanks to SFSignal for the link). It will help get you in the mood for my next post.

Joyfully yours,