Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Steampunk It!

Steampunk is indeed the new black, and not just in books and film. Steampunk is also an “artistic and design trend” that’s been popular for decades (unless you count the whole Victorian age, heh!). Devotees of steampunk fashion & accoutrements are just as devout as their literary counterparts. And of course, most of the time they’re one and the same.

Want to invest in your own steampunk ensemble? You can! Just head on over to the Vintage Victorian Steampunk Apocalypse. Need a steampunk laptop to accompany your new duds? No problem—here’s how. Experiencing digital clock fatigue? Give a whole new meaning to the question “Do you have the time?” with this snazzy steampunk watch.

Is your STAR WARS action figure collection looking a tad frumpy around the edges? Fret no more, because you can always steampunk it! Concerned about the effects of global warming? Well don’t worry about trying to keep up with the Joneses—lead the pack with a striking steampunk Soviet gas mask.

And because words can only invoke the beauty of steampunk to an extent, here are bunches of links and scandalously great images that will astonish and inspire you.

More delectable Web sites that give it up for steampunk:

Brass Goggles

The Steampunk Workshop

The Gatehouse

Boingboing, “A directory of wonderful things,” has a mouth-watering steampunk archive.

Here are 15 (More) Creative Works of Steampunk Art and Fashion: From steam tanks to cufflinks.


From Solar Flare: Science Fiction News comes a piece about artist Rob Jones.

And feast your eyes upon the amazing work of Eric Freitas:

Now, lest you think just anything can go steampunk, umm...

Steampunk Lego!

Steampunk pinups!

Steampunk ghostbuster!

Chrono displacement device!

Lacy steampunk earth-moving machine!

The Blimp Bag! The Steampunk Boot!

Joyfully yours,


P.S. Don't forget the contests! And thanks to Gail Carriger for the last two links.