Thursday, October 9, 2008


I shan't keep you waiting! Here’s the latest and greatest from the worlds of science fiction romance:

* Rowena Cherry’s KNIGHT’S FORK is now available for your reading pleasure. (Actually, the book was…er…released a bit earlier than planned, but who’s complaining?)

* Over at The Book Smugglers, you can peruse the joint review of Pauline Baird Jones’ THE KEY. Also, those two jazzy proprietors, Thea & Ana, held a blog appreciation post you should check out, and not just because The Galaxy Express was appreciated, for which I humbly thank them.

* Joseph Mallozzi conducted an interview with Kage Baker, author of IN THE GARDEN OF IDEN.

* A hearty congratulations to Dawn Jackson for her short story sale!

* There’s a new science fiction romance author in the neighborhood: Claire Delacroix presents her debut book THE FALLEN. Why not wet your whistle with an excerpt? (Thanks to Linnea Sinclair for the link.)

* Linnea Sinclair visited Desert Island Keepers, in case you missed it.

* Kathy’s Review Corner posted thoughtful reviews for GABRIEL’S GHOST and SHADES OF DARK.

* Debut SFR author Jess Granger has been a busy butterfly. She bared all on the process of book titles, guest blogged at Ann Aguirre’s joint, and gave us a peek into the writing life.

* And the truly Discriminating Fangirl reviewed Ann Aguirre’s WANDERLUST.

Space wench alert!

After reading this mysterious announcement at Dear Author--It doesn’t say, but I’m going to guess that these are more SFF romances. RITA award-winning author Susan Grant’s next two romances, to Tara Parsons at HQN, by Ethan Ellenberg (world).—Susan Grant revealed that she’s working on a story involving a space pirate heroine! Can I get a double on that—Woot! Woot!

And from Jace Scribbles comes an exciting peek at the covers of Susan Grant’s next three books!

I also discovered that Rhienelleth is working on space opera with pirates. I think Genreville’s Rose Fox is going to be one happy camper in the near future! (And stay tuned for the fab interview with Ms. Fox that I have lined up for later this month.)

In a more industrial vein, nn announcement from Dex Garvey came in via my comments section about a steampunk convention in California!

And Spacefreighters’ Lounge features a run down on What’s Coming in Science Fiction Romance.

Until next time, keep your TARDIS separate from your SIDRAT!

Joyfully yours,