Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You've come a long way, baby...or have you?

Spaceman Lothario

Even though I enjoy perusing images like the one posted above (because who can resist their retro splendor?), they make me reflect on how much has changed—and not changed—regarding how genre stories are marketed. Obviously, many book covers/magazines/movie posters focus solely on the weird and wondrous, but there are just as many that toss in the sex factor.

I’m a fan of romanticized covers and posters, but sometimes blatantly sexualized images leave me with mixed feelings. Not so much love/hate but cool/wha...? Even as my eyes glaze over with lust, the internal alarms screech, warning of an impending marketing attack. Then I start to wonder if I’m overreacting or reading too much into things.

I haven’t yet resolved the feelings, and I may never do so. However, the reason I wanted to post about it was to hear your thoughts about the matter. (Well, okay, *read* your thoughts.)

There are more of these circa 1950’s boss vintage pictures here. While you’re waiting for them to load, indulge my current whim and answer the following:

Name one thing that’s cool about this picture.

Name one thing that bothers you about this picture.

If you were to guess/create the story based on this image, would you envision the “rocketeer” character as a man, robot, or android? Where is he taking the woman and what will he do with her once they reach the destination?

How would you account for the woman’s current state?

Whatever you do, don’t hold back. Have fun with it!

Joyfully yours,