Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our New Look

Yes, you’re at the right place! The crew of the Galaxy Express has brought out the fresh paint and chipped off the celestial barnacles.

As much as I love gathering the latest SFR news, reading the newest books, and stirring it all together into the Blogger pot—TGE is here because of you, dear reader. And enough of you, my fellow passengers, have mentioned that the très chic black background was a bit too hard on ye olde biological orbs.

Who am I to argue?

So I bribed politely asked my resident engineer to tinker a bit under the hood. He stroked his chin methodically while muttering a few things about his “customized CSS code” and the “mathematical heat induction of Logopolis” before going to work.

A few hours later, well…here we are.

More tweaking will continue over the coming weekend. In the meantime, let me hear your thoughts. Do you like the look? Or would you prefer it on a boat with goat? Would you, could you, like green eggs and ham an interstellar makeover? I’m all ears here!

Joyfully yours,