Friday, June 5, 2009

Contests, A Free Read, And More Logo Action!

Red Sage PublishingRed Sage Publishing is celebrating its 15th year anniversary this month! I invite you to read the latest newsletter, which includes “The Future In Romance," a spotlight on SFR penned by yours truly.

Red Sage is also offering lots of great deals as well as a chance to win books. Head on over to the publisher’s blog for details.

Congratulations to Linnea Sinclair, who is one of the “Lucky 13” authors included in this year’s Favorite Books by Favorite Authors poll at All About Romance.

Hope's Folly

Polls are open from now until June 14, 2009. And voting for your favorite books is easy: Just click here!

(Will it surprise anyone that HOPE’S FOLLY topped my list?!)

Courtesy of Spacefreighters’ Lounge:

Skiffy Rommer

Sharon Lynn Fisher (GHOST PLANET) recently unveiled a flashy new logo. A must-have accessory for Skiffy Rommers everywhere!

Dawn Jackson (“Why’d it Have to be Shorts?” from the MEN IN SHORTS anthology) is serializing her story CLONE, which combines elements of SF, romance, and tragedy. Here’s an interview with the author about it.

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