Friday, June 12, 2009

New Digital Publisher: Quartet Press

Quartet PressExciting discovery ahead: There’s a new digital publisher in town, and it goes by the name of Quartet Press.

This publisher will focus on romance and all its subgenres as well as erotic romances. Check out the Submission Guidelines for more information.

Recently, author Ciar Cullen interviewed Kassia Krozser, one of the founding partners. (Danke to Kris Alice Hohls for the link.)

In the interview, Ms. Krozser has this to say about the packaging of ebooks:

“Already, there is so much we can do to extend story beyond the story, and it’s just going to get better (though, caution!, just because you can add lots of bells and whistles, they need to make sense in the context of the book). One of the things I’m most excited about is talking with authors about their ideas (in fact, rather than an art fact sheet, I think I’m creating a “let’s think beyond the book” fact sheet).

Hmmm…doesn’t that sound kind of familiar?

Ms. Krozser goes on to state:

“Side note: as a regular attendee of the South by Southwest Interactive Festival (geek fest!), I’ve attended a lot of gaming panels, discovering how critical story is to good games [emphasis mine]. It was an eye-opener for me as I’d never really put those pieces together. Smart, creative authors really have an advantage here.”

Hmmm…doesn’t that sound like we’ve heard about these ideas previously?

And I found this section to be particularly of interest:

“Ciar: What’s your personal favorite genre? Do you think certain genre distinctions (urban fantasy, fantasy romance, erotic romance, whatever…) are getting blurry? Want to put a dollar on the next hot thing? Do you see a future for scifi romance?” [emphasis mine]

Hmmm…doesn’t that—what, me spoil the surprise? ;)

Thanks, Ms. Cullen, for asking such terrific, relevant, and timely questions (what, me biased?!).

Joyfully yours,