Monday, July 13, 2009

Parallel Universe Continues...

Parallel Universe

Thanks to all of our Skiffy Rommers for their fab posts last week. It was great to have you aboard.

Now, the RWA 29th Annual National Conference in Washington D.C. is just days away—only two, in fact! While we hope that the attendees have wonderful and informative experiences, we’re not about to miss out on all the fun. Parallel Universe will cover RWA from a uniquely SFR perspective, comfortably ensconced on this luxury locomotive as it journeys forward.

Will some lucky aspiring writer gain a coveted manuscript request? Will editors express interest in acquiring more SFR novels? Will President Obama make an appearance to declare science fiction romance the Queen Of All Genres? One never knows!

While we await news and other tidbits from the conference, The Galaxy Express is proud to host a second series of guest posts by science fiction romance authors.

In order of appearance, they are:

July 15:

Katherine Allred
Jess Granger

July 16:

Nathalie Gray
Karin Shah

July 17:

Claire Delacroix

July 18:

Gayle Ann Williams

Remember, to follow tweets on SFR news from the conference, search using the #rwasfr hashtag.

For those of you attending the conference, the Rogue Digital Workshop official details including time & location can be found here. For updates on the workshop, visit Smart Bitches, Dear Author, and Nice Mommy/Evil Editor

(On a side note, check out this recent comment by author Sherry Thomas at the Dear Author Rogue Digital Workshop announcement:

I will be there.

Janine, Bettie Sharpe, and I (and maybe Meredith Duran, if she ever gets free time again) have a crazy anthology that I don’t know which trad publisher will touch.

Bettie’s is alternate-universe steampunk, Janine’s is a story-within-a-story fantasy/contemporary erotic romance, Meredith’s, if I remember correctly, might turn out to be a very unusual paranormal, and mine is straight science fiction romance.
[all emphasis mine])

‘Nuff said.

Meanwhile, Laurie Green of Spacefreighters’ Lounge (who is attending the conference so please give her a bear hug from me introduce yourself and say hello) poses the question Has SF Missed the Starship with SFR? Let’s head on over and chat!

Joyfully yours,