Friday, October 23, 2009

Call for Submissions: Norilana Books--The Ladies of Trade Town

Since we’re on the subject of editors seeking stories, Norilana Books has announced a call for submissions that might interest SFR authors (thanks to Linna Sinclair for the information):

Type of Market: Anthology

Type of Notice: Guidelines for Submission

Name of Market: The Ladies Of Trade Town

Editor: Lee Martindale

Publisher: Norilana Books, scheduled for publication in April 2011

Description: An anthology of original science fiction, fantasy, and related
genre short stories about the world's oldest profession .... "The World's Oldest Profession" Found in every civilization, culture and era known to man. Its practitioners known by dozens of names in every language, at every level of society, from temples to back alleys, from royal courts to hot-sheet motels in the seediest parts of town.

More below the cut:

Reading Period:
Opens: January 5, 2010
Closes: June 9, 2010

Caveat: Manuscripts received before or after this period will be discarded unread, unless prior arrangements have been made otherwise.

Final Selections: by July 15, 2010, with notifications to the writers shortly thereafter

Query eAddress: editor@HarpHaven. net

Not Wants: porn, erotica, or gore-soaked horror. Absolutely no child abuse, incest, or non-consensual situations. Also not looking for poetry, fanfic or proselytizing either for or against the theme.

Fiction: build on that varied background to tell well-crafted tales of the women and men - and other sentient beings - who "ply the trade" in a variety of times and settings. I'm looking for original science fiction, fantasy, and related genre short stories that entertain and play to the imagination of the reader. Show me something I haven't seen, read, or written. (For examples of that last, see "Lady Blaze" in Roby James' Warrior Wisewoman 2 and the title cut of the filk CD that gives this volume its name.) Humor, characters of all orientations and gender-identities, and new writers all welcome.


When pay: on acceptance of completed anthology manuscript by the Publisher

Rights: First English Language Rights and non-exclusive electronic rights. The anthology will be published by Norilana Books as a trade paperback edition in April 2011, to be followed by an electronic edition to be produced later.


Per word: $0.02 a word, as an advance against pro-rata share of the royalties after earnout…Plus: one contributor copy


Submissions multiple: No.

I will notify writers as soon as possible if a story has been rejected, at which time they are welcome to submit another during the reading period. Writers will be notified if a story is being held for further consideration.

Reprints: No. This includes stories that have appeared anywhere on the Web, including online workshops or the writer's own website.

Length: Mostly looking for stories in the 5,000 - 6,000 word range, but I'd like to have a few stories on the upper and lower ends in the mix. The upper limit is firm for unsolicited stories.

Minimum: 3,000 words
Maximum: 10,000 words

Format: Disposable hard copy only, sent via USPS 1st Class Mail. Use standard manuscript format, 12 pt. type, and include name, address, phone number, word count, and email address on first page.

eMail: No email submissions or mail requiring special handling.
Supplementary Material: Also include a cover letter with any credits to paying markets and a short bio.

SASE: not necessary; rejections and acceptances will be sent via email

Address: Lee Martindale, Editor
Attn - Anthology Submission
PO Box 865137
Plano, TX 75086-5137

Joyfully yours,