Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tag Party

In response to a previous post on branding science fiction romance, Jess Granger (BEYOND THE SHADOWS) suggested that we hold an Amazon tag party in order to help move our favorite science fiction romance books up in the listings. I figured, hey, I always wanted to be a party girl, so here’s the post to get things started. Chef is rolling out carts loaded with finger foods and all manner of virtual libations, so dig in!

BevBB also commented in response to the aforementioned post, and recommended that if we’re serious about it, we should, “Hit all the major booksellers online, including the solely ebook ones.” She also suggested we should include the online library sites.

Before we peruse the preliminary tag list I brainstormed, here are three resources about tagging:

What is tagging?
Amazon’s tagging how-to page
Why tags? This is a good example of why.

Now for the work-in-progress tag list.

Basic SFR tags:

Author’s name
Science fiction romance
Sci-fi romance
SF romance
Space opera romance
Futuristic romance
Futuristic lovers
Science fiction

Question: What about tagging SFR books with “paranormal” or “speculative”? Should we go there?

Tags for common story elements:

Action romance
Adventure romance
Military SF romance
Near-future romance
Romantic SF
SF erotic romance
Futuristic erotic romance
Sci-fi erotic romance
Steampunk romance
m/m futuristic romance

There are two main tasks to accomplish that I can see: 1) Make additions or deletions to the tag list to lend consistency to our efforts (I will update the list as passengers add their ideas) and 2) Compile a list of the major booksellers we should hit up (I will update the post with this list as well). Also, feel free to suggest any other issues we should address.

Party hearty!

Joyfully yours,