Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Double Exclusive: Galley Contest & Excerpt from Jess Granger’s BEYOND THE SHADOWS!

BEYOND THE SHADOWSBEYOND THE SHADOWS, book two of Jess Granger’s Realms Beyond series, will hit shelves May 4, 2010—only 49 days away!

And as if another science fiction romance release isn’t squeealicious enough, I’m excited to announce that Jess Granger has donated a galley of BEYOND THE SHADOWS. She’ll be giving it away to one lucky Galaxy Express passenger.

That’s right—an exclusive galley the winner will be able to read weeks ahead of the official release!

Not only that, but a second winner will be chosen for a signed copy of her first science fiction romance, BEYOND THE RAIN!

Aaaaand, following this announcement is another exclusive—a peek at the first two pages from chapter two of BEYOND THE SHADOWS. This excerpt is only available here at The Galaxy Express. (I’d like to thank Jess Granger for her generosity and time. Thank you!)

Now, before we proceed with the contest and exclusive excerpt, all this talk of shadows and realms got my synapses firing. What, exactly, does Jess Granger mean by shadows and realms? There must be something...waiting. Something...lurking in the ethereal penumbra. Something she expects readers to discover. Something that demands to be seen...consumed. Is it a sharp-toothed Snagglepuss? A bird with crystal plumage? A rosy-cheeked clown doing a dissertation on THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE while hopping on one foot...?

Really, it could be anything.

Therefore, in order to enter this contest you must answer the following question:

*Cue Twilight Zone music*

What lies…beyond the shadows?

When answering, be creative. Be daring. Above all, be outrageous. The most outrageous comment will win a virtual blue ribbon—replete with stickers of unicorns and the Millennium Falcon.

Please note: If you’ve already read BEYOND THE RAIN, indicate your preference for BEYOND THE SHADOWS after your answer. The deadline to enter is 9 p.m. EST on Friday, March 19, 2010. Contest limited to U.S. residents.

Never fear if you don’t win this round—Jess Granger will be giving away two additional galleys of BEYOND THE SHADOWS at her site this Saturday (3/20/10). More details here. And if you elect to follow her on Twitter, you’ll be entered to win a signed copy of the book—however she needs 200 followers before she can choose a winner, so please help spread the word.

Now to unveil the exclusive excerpt from BEYOND THE SHADOWS, which includes chapter one and the first two pages of chapter two in PDF. Simply click your mouse (and your heels) right here.

Joyfully yours,