Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nat's Flash RT BookLover's Convention Updates (um...Updated 4/28!)


Have you ever witnessed the sight of a French woman squeeing in glee, gesticulating and jumping in place? It scars you. That pretty much describes me about, ooh, 2 hours ago. Passengers on this here most awesome Galaxy Express, and gentle readers, I have achieved my mission to meet The One.

Did I get an autograph? Check!
Did I also get a hug? Oh, double-check that my lovelies!
But did you expect THIS?! I bet you didn't!

Linnea Sinclair is as lovely as she is fierce and funny. I think I'm in love. And she KNEW MY NAME! *faints*

Thank you to Sahara Kelly for the picture and for presenting me to The One.

I'm a happy SFR member.

Update: Here was the original...artistic shot I received, followed by the true Linnea and Nat! ;)


Linnea and Nat

This flash update was brought to you by Nathalie Gray, author, cover artist, chocoholic, and goof.