Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sharon Lynn Fisher Featured in Golden Heart Spotlight

Sharon Lynn Fisher (GHOST PLANET) is a finalist for the RWA 2010 Golden Heart award. She participated in an interview courtesy of author Elizabeth Naughton as part of the author's Golden Heart Spotlight series.

In addition to the interview, Ms. Fisher guest blogs and reflects on her writing journey as well as her aspirations toward publication:

At that point in my life I was weaning an 18-month-old, and I was still telling myself that someday I’d get serious about my childhood dream of writing. I’d worked at it diligently for five or six years after college, but careers, relationships, and a cross-country move derailed all my good intentions.

I read Twilight, and it changed my life. It had less to do with the story itself (though I certainly read it as compulsively as the next person) than it did with reading the author bio, growing curious, and looking up the details of Meyer’s success story on her web site.

The morale of the story? Never give up, never surrender!

Joyfully yours,