Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Summer of SFR" Features Wen Spencer's ENDLESS BLUE

Verona St. James' "Summer of SFR" continues with a review of Wen Spencer's ENDLESS BLUE. Her review reminded me about how much I enjoyed this book. I've recommended it many times and included it in the SFR must-read list, but golly, I hadn't actually devoted a post to it as I recall.

ENDLESS BLUE straddles the line between romantic SF and SFR since the romantic subplot is quite prominent. But you couldn't necessarily gleam that from the cover or jacket copy. Ms. St. James noted the same thing:

The blurb for this book mentions nothing about the romantic subplot, so when I started the book I didn't know who would end up in the romance together. The logical, the cliche, pairing would have been Mikhail and Paige, so I was pleasantly surprised when Turk and Paige ended up falling for each other. Turk is adorable and heart-breaking as he tries to navigate romantic love with someone who sees him as a human and not a really fancy sex toy.

Overall, her review hit the proverbial nail on the head (for me, at any rate), and I especially agree with her point about the story's highly appealing characters. The plot has a lot of fun mystery and the worldbuilding is very intriguing. I encourage you to check out Verona St. James' review to see if this SFR is up your alley.

Joyfully yours,