Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Agent Z. Is In Love!

Yes, dear passengers, it’s finally happened for me and it’s not pretty. My heart palpitates. I drool. I spend long hours staring at my love, which causes cramps in unmentionable places. I can’t eat. I’m warped by jealousy. My love, unfortunately, is not returned and this causes me untold agonies. No matter how badly I yearn, I know I must suffer, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Unless I’m willing to do something nefarious, which, of course - I am.

I’m plotting to steal the object of my desire - there’s no other way because, you see, my love belongs to another. But I must have it. I MUST!


Oh? You thought I was talking about some delectable space captain or something? *giggle*

Nah! No way would I allow myself to get into this state over a mere man. Don’t you know me a little better than that?

No, no, no. My love is, of course, a space ship. The most beautiful, streamlined, luxurious craft I have ever seen. I MUST have it.

Take a look at The Most Beautiful Space Ship In The Galaxy:


I’m just not sure how I’m gonna get my love away from that fierce-looking gal (who totally deserves to be an SFR heroine, by the way) and her half human/half reptilian alien brother.

But I shall plot and I shall plan and when I win the object of my desire, I’m inviting every single one of you on a vacation to my favorite inter-galactic destinations. Heather, can I borrow Chef?

Be seeing ya!

Agent Z.

Agent Z