Thursday, October 14, 2010

RT Blog Features Interviews With IMPULSE POWER Authors

There is some serious science fiction romance love in the air this week. The RT Blog just posted an interview with Samhain Publishing's IMPULSE POWER authors Nathalie Gray, Robert Appleton, and J.C. Hay! (Thanks to Nathalie Gray for the link.)

Impulse Power

In Get Ready For Three Sci Fi Space Operas, the authors answered "questions about the project, their individual novels and their science fiction inspirations."

Here's an excerpt from Nathalie Gray:

SFR stories are about more than love in zero-g. They’re frontier stories, humanity rising (or falling), people uniting against a common enemy or dissolving into wars. SFR in general and Impulse Power in particular is about transcending time and place, while always keeping what makes us who we are: the relationships important to us. Plus, we get to shoot up stars and shit!

Robert Appleton has this to say about SFR heroines:

To me, nothing speaks SFR like a kick-ass space babe who gets emotionally compromised along the way. Emotion, strong women, and space-wide kickassery: three things every reader should expect from Impulse Power.

J.C. Hay shares what readers can expect from the IMPULSE POWER stories:

For me, there is a great epic sense about the three stories. None of these stories are about small changes – the fates of worlds hang in the balance. With the romance in the foreground, you get this great dichotomy wherein our concern for the characters keeps this big epic story from feeling distant, while that same larger world helps to make the romance feel larger than life. It’s one of my favourite things about SFR, and something I think it does really well.

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