Friday, November 12, 2010

Steampunk Romance Watch

It's official: Steampunk romance is here to stay.

Hot on the heels of my post about Samhain Publishing’s newly released steampunk romance anthology, I was at SF Signal today and saw a link to a post by author Tobias Buckell on the subject of steampunk romance. I was like, “Whaa…?” since I’d never previously associated Sir Buckell with this particular subgenre.

A pleasant surprise awaited me, for in his post “Stretching for something new,” he announced that his story “Love Comes to Abyssal City” was accepted for DAW Book’s steampunk romance anthology. According to Mr. Buckell’s post, the anthology is titled HOT AND STEAMY: TALES OF STEAMPUNK ROMANCE. It’s edited by Jean Rabe and will release “sometime next year.”

A quick Google search later turned up that C. A. Verstraete’s story “Kinetic Dreams” will also be in the anthology.

How exciting is that? If anyone turns up news about any of the other stories in the anthology, please let us know in the comments.

Joyfully yours,