Sunday, December 18, 2011

Call For 2012 Science Fiction Romance Releases

Hello again, dear passengers! I’m gearing up for my annual Science Fiction Romance New Release Roundup. This is a list of forthcoming science fiction romance releases that I will post on January 1, 2012. I’ll be updating the list throughout the year, so authors, no worries if you don’t have anything releasing soon or can’t yet announce your title.

Once posted, I’ll place a link to the list on my sidebar so you can check back for updates.

Below is a quick and dirty (and long!) list of the titles I already know about in no particular order:

Alien Diplomacy - Gini Koch

Under Her Brass Corset – Brenda Williamson

Clash – Yolanda Sfetsos

Escape Velocity - Anah Crow and Dianne Fox

Chain Reaction – Zoe Archer

Kicking Ashe - Pauline B. Jones

Ghost Planet - Sharon Lynn Fisher

Passion Play – Opal Carew

The Last Night – Nico Rosso

Endgame – Ann Aguirre

Unknown Futures; The Zurian Child - Jessica E. Subject

Runner – Anitra Lynn McLeod

Synthetic Dreams; Bitter Harvest - Kim Knox

Geared For Pleasure - Rachel Grace

Chain Reaction – Zoe Archer

Heroes Without, Monsters Within – Sheryl Nantus

Forbidden Destiny - Kaye Manro

Iron Heart - Leslie Dicken

Ricochet; Fractured – Sandra Sookoo

A Superhero romance anthology – Samhain Publishing

Prehistoric Clock - Robert Appleton

The Dreambox Girl - Eden Bradley

Refugees On Urloon - Melisse Aires

“Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City”; Riveted; Salvage (Iron Seas releases) – Meljean Brook

The Watchmaker’s Lady – Heather Massey

Desert Blade - Ella Drake

Releases A and B – by Author "X" (Inside info, I haz it!)

[Edited to add]

The Telomere Trilogy Book 2: Echoes of Regret and The Telomere Trilogy Book 3: Ending of Eternity - A.K. Norris

Are there any more titles that I can add to the list? Leave a comment or contact me at sfrgalaxy "at" Thanks for your help!

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