Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sci-Fi Romance Link Fun

I had fun visiting the following posts recently and wanted to pass the links along to you:

Reading Reality is part of a "3 Stars Rating Event Hop," which runs from March 29-30. Today she blogged about her definition of a 3-star review in The Reviewer’s Perspective. An upcoming post at her blog and others will feature quotes from authors (including yours truly) about their thoughts on the same topic.

Smart Girls Love SciFi and Paranormal Romance has an interview with Diane Dooley (MAKO’S BOUNTY) about pirates, geekery, haggis, and more. While there, you can enter for a chance to win a copy of MAKO’S BOUNTY!

At Spacefreighters Lounge, Laurie A. Green’s Golden Heart Announcement Day post provides a fun snapshot of what happens when two science fiction romance writers are named as finalists in the RWA 2012 Golden Heart Awards. The comments in particular are where it’s at!

Author Pauline Baird Jones (KICKING ASHE) has a fun post up called Resistance is Futile – the Borg vs Automatons?

Are automatons the forerunners to the Borg? Can they, do they, tap into the same fears and chills? Is it an either or equation, or just two different ways to look at the same thing? Is it their lack of humanity that chills? That they can't be reasoned with? Can't feel our pain?

Joyfully yours,