Monday, April 30, 2012

Cover Reveal News: Ella Drake’s METALMARK

Ella Drake revealed the cover for METALMARK, her forthcoming science fiction romance from Lyrical Press. It’s steamy and gear-y in all the right places:

 Here’s the set up:

The choice—his planet’s future or his pure mate… who is anything but pure.
Lye the Keeper is prince to his dying planet. He’s made an agreement with the Drianti Syndicate. For the price of his blood, an end to the decade long occupation is within grasp. Betraying himself wounds his pride but pales against the pain of his monthly mating imperative. When a red-headed temptress lands in his path, she holds the key to Lye’s freedom and an end to the pain, but the price is too high. To touch her means to defile the royal line that ends with him. But the lure to possess is irresistible.

Privateer Jazzelina Eval robs Drianti spaceships blind in her quest for revenge. She’ll do anything to bring down the Syndicate. Including taking a job to kidnap a prince. Anything but settle down and give up the revenge game. Anything but bed a mark who made a deal with the Syndicate. But once she has Lye in her hands, no price is high enough to let him go...even if it means war.

Ooooh, a space pirate heroine! And she’s bent on revenge! Now that I know what the heroine looks like naked, I really want to discover what kind of outfit she wears while swashbuckling.

Color me sold.

Joyfully yours,