Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cover Reveal Exclusive: BALANCE OF TERROR by KS Augustin

KS Augustin offered me an exclusive first look at the cover for her latest romantic SF and I was all like, where do I sign??!!

BALANCE OF TERROR (Sandal Press) is a novel-length ebook. It’s the sequel to INENEMY HANDS and is the conclusion of Moon Thadin and Srin Flerovs's adventures. You’ll be able to get your virtual hands on a copy this summer, but for now, check out the story blurb and dynamite cover:

Save one man? Or save billions? It’s Moon’s choice.

Stellar physicist Moon Thadin and amnesiac savant Srin Flerovs are on their way to possible sanctuary with an old research partner of Moon’s. But between them and safety lie a cunning arms dealer, a suspicious pirate captain, and a universe of unfamiliarity.

Refusing to turn her research into a weapon, Moon and Srin outran the Republic in IN ENEMY HANDS, only to find that the anti-Republic rebels they’re heading for want her knowledge for the same reason and they’re willing to trade critical gene therapy for it. Withhold the therapy and Srin will die. Share the research and billions will die.

Can the needs of one ever truly outweigh the needs of many?


The author collaborated with cover designer Derek Murphy.

This is a striking cover. It’s like Cirque du Soleil-meets-METROPOLIS (the original)! The cool tones and starry backdrop promise SF while the image representing the heroine promises the romance/relationship/sensual elements. And yay for another heroine-centric cover! The overall image puts me in a contemplative mood, which is right in line with the author’s writing style.

The BALANCE OF TERROR cover demonstrates how creative one can get with stock images. Now I’m spoiled because I want to see more like it, especially for sci-fi romances that are heavier on the SF elements. Risky, edgy, quirky—I say let’s go for it! I realize there’s a danger in standing out, but on the other hand, SFR might get lost in the crowd if it follows the beaten cover path.

Tell me what you think about this cover. Does it meet your expectations for an SFR/romantic SF cover? Why or why not?

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