Sunday, June 3, 2012

M/M Sci-Fi Romance & Me

If someone were to tell me, “I wish you’d feature more m/m science fiction romance on The Galaxy Express,” I’d understand that. There’s a good amount of stories in that vein and they’re clearly worthy of attention. In fact, SFR stories featuring gay heroes are probably under-served across the board.

I wish I had more disposable income to spend on sci-fi romances of all kinds, not to mention more time to read. That said, plenty of m/m titles are on my TBR list. In fact, Kim Knox’s BITTER HARVEST is queued up on my Kindle as I type this.

Therefore it was both puzzling and disheartening for someone to recently make the assumption to me that I’ve “never” mentioned m/m sci-fi romance on this blog and to question why I “avoid” m/m SFR books. I’m not going to divulge details, but in light of the occurrence I decided to clarify the issue.

Personal budget/time limitations have never stopped me from highlighting m/m SFR on this blog. If I recall correctly, my first post on m/m SFR appeared in 2009. I wanted to learn more about what was available and expand my horizons, so I researched various topics and consulted extensively with an expert. From that research and collaboration came In The Beginning, There Was Kirk/Spock.

Still, The Galaxy Express has now been around since 2008. For new passengers, I would like to clarify my relationship as a reader with m/m sci-fi romance: I enjoy m/m SFR greatly and plan to keep exploring it.

Additionally, here’s a number of posts I’ve done that either focus on m/m SFR or reference it in some fashion (in no particular order):

Like cyberpunk? Get this title at Samhain

Authors, if you’ve written an m/m science fiction romance (or any kind of GLBT SFR) you’re most welcome to send me the information via sfrgalaxy “at” I love learning about new titles/new-to-me authors. Even if I can’t get to the books immediately, I can at least feature them in some way.

Another way to notify me is through my second call for 2012 science fiction romance releases, and that includes GLBTQ stories.

On a general note, I’m human and I miss/overlook stuff. I feel I’ve done a decent job covering all areas of sci-fi romance, but if any of my passengers can identify areas I’ve yet to at least mention on my blog, please let me know. I love discovering something new!

Joyfully yours,