Monday, June 4, 2012

Call For Submissions: Etopia Press Seeks Sci-Fi Romance

Narelle Bailey is an editor with Etopia Press and get this--she's specifically seeking science fiction romance/erotica authors for her roster! Here's the 411:

Narelle is looking for intense love stories at the higher end of the heat scale. She has a particular interest in paranormal, science fiction, and horror subgenres and is very keen to see stories about M/M, M/F, or F/F romances that contain creative world building and engaging characters.

At the moment she’s specifically looking for great stories about complicated romances between humans and non-humans of any kind: aliens, cyborgs or sentient spaceships, monsters, magical and mythical creatures of all kinds. Stories that push the envelope of weird, different, and sexy are definitely something Narelle wants to see, so if you have something a bit out there that you’re not sure about, check the submission guidelines for formatting information and forward submissions directly to narellebailey @ [remove the spaces]. Preference will be given to manuscripts over 40,000 words that are part of a planned series, and to authors who have subsequent works already drafted or planned.

Etopia Press is a royalty paying epublisher offering an advance of $100 – $500 for erotic romance and romance over 40,000 words.

How cool is that? For information on how to submit your manuscript to Ms. Bailey, see the Submission Guidelines. The guidelines include many emphases on diversity, which is not only awesome, but also another reason sci-fi romance authors would do well to consider going with an epublisher.

The usual caveats apply: Do your research.

For a list of Etopia's June releases, click here. The first title listed is a sci-fi romance!

You can also follow Etopia on Twitter: etopiapress

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