Thursday, September 20, 2012

Calling All SF Books That Pack An Emotional Punch

In a recent post, fantasy author L.B. Gale laments the lack of emotional resonance in some of the SF books she’s read (via SF Signal):

Does the genre actively bar itself from such emotional resonance?  Am I missing something?  Is it the fault of the writers, or an aesthetic choice?

My reaction to her post was that science fiction romance very much embraces emotional resonance, but based on her comment “I can’t think of a single honest and true science fiction text that works like that for me” I’m thinking she’s more interested in discovering a hard SF novel or a novel of big ideas that delivers an emotional punch

romance optional.

I guess it all depends on one’s definition of an “honest and true science fiction text,” but does anyone have any suggestions for Ms. Gale? 

KS Augustin’s IN ENEMY HANDS, Tanith Lee's SILVER METAL LOVER, Catherine Asaro's ALPHA, and Alistair Reynolds’ CENTURY RAIN come immediately to my mind. Frederik Pohl's GATEWAY is a personal favorite, but I'm not sure if would fit the bill given the lack of hard SF elements. But oh boy did that story ever sock it to me.

If you have any suggestions (any type of SF story with or without romance) let me know and I’ll drop off the list at her post.

Joyfully yours,