Saturday, February 16, 2013

Deep Freeze Blog Tour from Lyrical Press

Lyrical Press collaborated with a number of bloggers to bring you the Deep Freeze Blog Tour. Two authors of science fiction romance are participating: Sidney Bristol (A KISS FOR A CURE) and me.

In conjunction with the release of my new steampunk romance IRON GUNS, BLAZING HEARTS, I’m blogging about steampunk romance related topics. Ostensibly, this tour is to help spread the word about my book, but I also saw it as an opportunity to share things I enjoy about all kinds of steampunk romance titles!

Along the way, you can enter for a chance to win a digital copy of IRON GUNS, BLAZING HEARTS.

Here are the dates and participating blogs:

2/15 Cocktails and Books  – Steampunk Romance: Beyond Victorian England

2/16 Fictional Candy – Top 7 Steampunk Romance Heroines

2/17 Close Encounters With the Night Kind – The West Just Got A Whole Lot Weirder

2/18 Kelsey’s Book Corner – The Heroic Journey in Steampunk Romance

2/19 That’s What I’m Talking About – IRON GUNS, BLAZING HEARTS: A Primer

2/22 Proserpine Craving Books – Top 5 Traveling Devices in Steampunk Romance

2/22 Book Junkie - Gunslinger Heroes: Classic, Dangerous, and Sexy

2/25 Sizzling Hot Books – Steampunk Romance: More Than Just Brass Goggles

Joyfully yours,