Thursday, April 18, 2013

SFR News & Links Extra - April 2013

1) File this under exciting news: Veronica Belmont, one of the Vaginal Fantasy Hangout members, recommended Sharon Lynn Fisher's GHOST PLANET as a fun weekend read during this week's Sword & Laser Podcast (#125 - On the wagon)! (jump to 32:56 if you're pressed for time). See the author's post about it here.

Veronica begins by stating, "The Vaginal Fantasy book this month was GREAT!" Co-host Tom Merritt then asked if it has broader appeal, and she responded with "I do think so."
The Sword & Laser Goodreads group has 16,390 members as of this post, so that's great exposure for both GHOST PLANET and science fiction romance.

2) Via the SFR Brigade Facebook Fanpage, I learned about a Goodreads poll "for the best Scifi/Futuristic Romance books." Here's the direct link if you'd like to vote!

When I noticed some books weren't in the poll that I would have voted for, I was motivated to finally start adding SFR books to my "read" shelf (minus ratings since I don't feature reviews). I've added 164 books so far and I'll maintain this list only for the SFR titles I read.

My two cents: I see the poll as a fun way to discover SFR titles. Taste is so subjective. :)

3) Did you hear that noise? That was the sound of author Pippa Jay's head exploding at Spacefreighters Lounge while she tried to figure out how to attract more readers to science fiction romance. ;) Despite the pyrotechnics, she settled on a very sound (and sane!) solution.

Joyfully yours,