Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Revisiting The Hero's Point-Of-View in Sci-Fi Romance

In When A Romance Is Not A Romance, Rachel Leigh Smith expressed her preference 

…for the male lead to have the majority of the POV scenes. I know I'm in a minority on this and I deal with it. But I feel cheated when I start on something billed as a romance and I find out his POV isn't there.

She goes on to state, 

If you're telling me a book is a romance and all I get is her POV, it's not a romance to me. A romance is about two people falling in love. I want to see BOTH of them on that journey.

While I am of the opinion that a romance can be told from any POV or combination thereof and still be a romance, a story told, say, entirely from the hero's POV would catch my eye simply because it might offer something different or a unique story angle.

I've blogged about the issue of the hero's POV in science fiction romance previously, here and here. Since a bit of time has passed and ushered in more titles, I thought I'd highlight a few books that IMHO are heavy in the hero POV department.

I'd also like to know which books you'd add to the list. Therefore, readers who are in the mood for hero POV--for whatever reason--can have some titles at their fingertips.

You are mine.

All hero POV

ALPHA - Catherine Asaro

BLUE GALAXY - Diane Dooley (I interviewed the author here.)

WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM - Veronica Scott (I tagged this story here.)

THE WATCHMAKER'S LADY - Heather Massey (in the interest of full disclosure, that's me!)

Dual POV stories that favor the heroes

HOPE'S FOLLY - Linnea Sinclair (dual POV but IIRC it's slightly more in favor of the hero. I blogged about it here.)

KEIR - Pippa Jay (I recall spending a lot of time in the hero's POV. I blogged about this hero here.)

THIEF - Anitra Lynn McLeod  (ditto--I recall strong sense of hero POV; I also tagged the book.)

HER SKY COWBOY - Beth Ciotta (very hero centric story and lots of hero POV action)

Of course, every m/m SFR features an all hero POV, all the time!

COLD FRONT; SOMATESTHESIA - Ann Somerville (click here for my interview with the author)

BREAK AND ENTER - Aleksandr Voinov and Rachel Haimowitz (more info here)

FAR TOO HUMAN - Anitra Lynn McLeod

MY FAIR CAPTAIN - J.L. Langley (I blogged about the story here.)

MEN IN SPACE (anthology; Samhain Publishing) - Kallysten; Ethan X. Thomas; C.C. Bridges 


BITTER HARVEST - Kim Knox (more info here)

ISLAND OF ICARUS - Christine Danse (I tagged the book here.)

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