Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Coming Soon: The Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly

Exciting news! The Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly is a digital magazine devoted to all things science fiction romance. The first issue will launch November 15, 2013. Each edition will cover a three month period.
Content you'll discover includes the following:

* topical columns on a variety of SFR-related subjects
* book reviews
* information about new science fiction romance releases
* an exclusive, original sci-fi romance short story!

The team behind the Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly is K.S. Augustin, Grand Poo-Bah & Editor-in-Chief, Diane Dooley, Fiction Editor Extraordinaire, and me, Heather Massey, explorer of science fiction romance (and owner of The Galaxy Express).

Here's some interesting trivia: The Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly may be new, but the concept isn't. 

The current venture reinvents The Science Fiction Romance Newsletter, a previous print magazine run in successive order by Jennifer Dunne, Jody Wallace, and Joyce Ellen Armond

Click here for my previous blog posts on the newsletter to learn the history of these ladies' amazing work. We of the next SFR newsletter generation salute you!

Want to contribute to the Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly? Here's how:

* Send us information about your forthcoming SFR releases (email Heather: sfrgalaxy "at" gmail dot com) Please include a large size cover image and blurb.

* Provide us with digital review copies of your forthcoming titles for a chance at a review. (Email Heather: sfrgalaxy "at" gmail dot com) In order to increase the chances of a review, please submit eARCs at least three months in advance of the quarter in which your book will release.

We're currently seeking eARCS for Oct-Nov-Dec releases, so if you got 'em, send 'em this week!

* Advertise with us! Authors and even bloggers can advertise SFR related products/news. Quarter-page ad size for only $5/issue. (Email K.S. Augustin: promotions "at" 

* Wow us with your art. We're seeking illustrators/designers to create unique covers. (Email K.S. Augustin: artwork "at"

* Share your enthusiasm for SFR as a guest columnist. We'll be contacting various authors about writing guest columns, so stay tuned.

We look forward to entertaining you!

Joyfully yours,