Monday, October 7, 2013

Coyote Con Sci-Fi Romance Panel With Eva Caye and Veronica Scott

Authors Eva Caye (DIGNITY (To Be Sinclair)) and Veronica Scott (ESCAPE FROM ZULAIRE) ran a science fiction romance panel at this year's Coyote Con. Here's the link to the transcript!

My favorite part was Eva Caye's observation about one reason SFR can be so appealing:
...if you have some devastating whatsit, dystopian future or what have you, most revolve around catastrophes or really huge occurrences, wars and such. And those mind-bending, world-shaking things MAKE people want to connect to each other.
Exactly! In various ways, science and technology have a direct impact on relationships and can also influence the very formation of many relationships. SFR focuses on that point in time when science intersects with romantic love.

Visit Coyote Con this coming weekend for another round of panels. More information here. Have fun!

Joyfully yours,