Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Michelle Browne's Must-Read SFR Post At SFR Brigade

I had a post planned for tonight, but folks, you really ought to head over and read the one at SFR Brigade by Michelle Browne instead: Technowank vs. Character Drama: Which One is King?

Here's a taste:
Well, sci-fi romance is ultimately only as strong as its characters. It's why diversity is so important in media, and it's why those of us defending that get pretty up in arms about it. Some sci fi romance is probably not that well-written, but the same is true of the 'old-fashioned', 'traditional' technowank stuff that relies on shiny bits rather than character development. Ultimately, one or two or even ten bad books do not merit discarding an entire genre. Sci-fi romance needs a little more time to grow up and branch out, sure, but it's a very new subgenre. Ultimately, the potential of more explicitly character-driven sci-fi is really exciting.
Well said.

Thanks to L. for the heads up!

Joyfully yours,