Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Sci-Fi Romance From Renae Jones: HELLCAT'S BOUNTY

Check out the most excellent cover for Renae Jones' latest sci-fi romance novella, HELLCAT'S BOUNTY:

Isn't it cool? Whatever adventure that woman's about to have, I want in. Actually, we can all go right now, because HELLCAT'S BOUNTY is now out! Here's the blurb for this space western lesbian romance:

The hellcat of Rosewood station is the best of the best. Anelace Rios is a good old-fashioned troublemaker, fiercely independent, and best of all, a steady hand with a flamethrower. Carnivorous amoeba are slowly taking over the half-abandoned mining port, and the freelance exterminator rakes in big bounties killing them off—then she spends those bounties in a grand way. Work hard, play hard.

Meidani Sintlere's reputation is exactly the opposite of her wild friend. She's the station’s hardworking black market doctor. She’s shy. She's nice. She's got a weakness for imported chocolate and pastel dresses. And she gets mad as a sani-vacced cat when Anelace shows up missing chunks of skin.

The hellcat never lacks for a willing partner. Even so, Meidani's got notions to cut to the front of the line and stay there. She upends everything Anelace knows about good girls and the bad girls who don’t deserve them, and in a blisteringly hot night they go from friends to lovers.

But their new closeness forces the kind of reckoning even tough Anelace can't escape unscathed. She thrives on her job, relishes the payoff, but now she's endangering more than her own adrenaline-junkie hide—every run risks Meidani’s happiness. For the first time, Anelace is risking her shot at love.


As of this post, HELLCAT'S BOUNTY is available at various venues including Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Scribd.

To learn more about Renae Jones, visit her Web site and follow her on Twitter: renae_jones

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