Tuesday, October 21, 2014

S.L. Viehl Interviews Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly Fiction Editor Diane Dooley

S.L. Viehl, author of the popular Stardoc series, interviewed Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly Fiction Editor Diane Dooley at Paperback Writer. Here's a snippet:
Yesterday I mentioned a sub op from Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly, an e-zine I discovered via the Paying Markets forum on AbsoluteWrite.com. Because it's extremely rare to find a paying market for any type of SF romance, I decided to do a bit more research on the pub. That resulted in me asking Diane Dooley, SFRQ's fiction editor, a lot of pesky questions, which she very kindly took the time to answer:

Q: What made you decide to embark on this venture?

A: KS 'Kaz' Augustin, Chief Editor of the Quarterly, tech goddess and businesswoman, approached myself and Heather Massey of The Galaxy Express with a wild idea: are you two nuts enough to collaborate with me on a quarterly magazine dedicated to Science Fiction Romance? The answer was yes, we are nuts enough. I had recently served as content editor for an anthology of SFR short stories and was interested in providing a paid market for SFR in the short form. Jumping aboard the Quarterly gave me that opportunity.
Click here to read the rest of the interview. Many thanks to S.L. Viehl for helping us spread the word about SFRQ!

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