Wednesday, April 15, 2015

SFR News & Links Extra - April 2015

I wrote a post for the RT Book Reviews blog: With Great Spurts Comes Great Goo: Jody Wallace's THE ADVENTURES OF MARI SHU. I recently finished the third installment, FAR GALAXIES, and wound up with a lot of feels about the social commentary Ms. Wallace is packing into the stories. Plus, this series is getting raunchier and weirder than ever and so I just had to share my o_O reaction!

My steampunk romance column this month is about steamysteampunk romances. I touch upon books that aren't quite erotic, but wherein the couple's couplings are a huge focus of the stories.

At Spacefreighters Lounge, Sharon Lynn Fisher (ECHO 8) wants to know: Do you believe in psi?

Smart Girls Love Sci-Fi & Paranormal Romance recently interviewed BREEDER author Cara Bristol about her fantasy romance THE GODDESSES CURSE. You can also read their interview with DEEP DECEPTION author Cathy Pegau. How's that for a two-fer?!

AURORA, a film being described as a sci-fi romance, will be released in the U.S. in July 2015. IMDb describes it thusly:
In 2020 super-computer Kronos concludes that human beings are the biggest threat to the planet. 60 years later, Andrew finds himself lost in a world run by machines when he meets Calia, a girl on the way to a place called Aurora.
Here's the trailer:

Given the description of Calia as a "girl," it's difficult to say if this is YA SF or if the lead couple is 18+. I think the trailer could be better, but I'm willing to check out this film via Blu-ray or streaming. What about you?

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